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P3D v4.4 erschienen

Gepostet: 01.12.2018 - 19:17 Uhr  ·  #1
Lockheed Martin hat für Prepar3D mal wieder ein Update herausgebracht :)

Bitte beachtet, dass nicht alle Addon Hersteller bereits ihre Produkte entsprechend angepasst haben. Ich selbst werde wohl noch 2-4 Wochen warten bis ich das neue Update ziehe. :-)

Hier die Änderungen:

Prepar3D Client

General Platform Updates

New Features

  • Updated rendering engine to support Physically Based Rendering (PBR) content.
  • Photoreal textures can now be rendered at 512×512 and 1024×1024 resolution.
  • Scenery draw distance, including airports, can now be configured.
  • Enhanced night lighting based on moon phases.
  • Most add-ons can now be activated and deactivated at runtime without requiring a restart.
  • Multiplayer hosts can now change the time and weather during a session.
  • Added visual notifications when chat messages are received in multiplayer.
  • Added scroll wheel zoom control to map screens.
  • Emitters can now emit particles underwater.
  • Added support for placing panel windows in 3D space.
  • Added Augmented Reality (AR) support using pass-through cameras on standard Vive headsets.
  • Added menu bar and context menu support when using Virtual Reality (VR).
  • Added gaze selection control mappings and mouse dragging functionality to VR. Now you can use head movements to control the mouse and select buttons in Virtual Cockpits.
  • Cockpit tooltips are now available in VR.
  • Added voice control debugging to show phrase detection in real time.

New Features (Professional Plus Only)

  • Added debug label drawing for Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) and High-Level Architecture (HLA) interfaces. Currently shows various parameters including name, entity ids, and IP address.
  • DIS can now be configured while in SimOperator.
  • Added the ability to enable, disable, and modify DIS dead reckoning in real time.
  • Added Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) 2.0 and 2.1 support.
  • Added CIGI packet interception interface.
  • Added generic directed energy (laser) weapon support.
  • Added generic torpedo weapon support.
  • Submersible SimObjects now support weapons.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Made optimizations to water rendering by removing unneeded emissive samples on water-only tiles.
  • Fixed flight planner issues including waypoints being cleared and various problems with third-party created flight plans.
  • Improved SpeedTree rendering performance.
  • Added additional checks preventing black dynamic lights from being processed.
  • Fixed inconsistent specular and emissive values between land, water, and land+water shader variations.
  • Added distance-based texture requests for vehicle and library objects.
  • Fixed issue where terrain texture tiles could be incorrect for one or two frames at night.
  • Fixed issue where some terrain tiles were missing on max settings in some parts of the world.
  • Improved water appearance in cube maps used for reflections.
  • Fixed several scenery library sorting issues.
  • Fixed issue where flight planner waypoints would not load correctly from a scenario causing ATC errors due to a failed departure airport look up.
  • Fixed issue that prevented some bridge segments from drawing.
  • Fixed issues with dynamic reflections distorting when zooming camera.
  • Fixed issue preventing global custom cameras from saving and loading correctly.
  • Fixed issue that could sometimes cause missing autogen at scenario start.
  • Vehicle/avatar changes can now be done in a multiplayer session depending on host settings.
  • Fixed issue causing transparent objects in virtual cockpits to draw incorrectly in some cases.
  • Fixed issue that could cause minor visual artifacts in some aircraft models.
  • Fixed 2D panel transparency when using multiple render-to-texture views.
  • Fixed issues with certain taxiway and apron path intersections preventing beziers from drawing and layering correctly.
  • Various avatar movement improvements.
  • Fixed several multiplayer chat bugs that prevented players from communicating using the chat window and voice communication.
  • Fixed sound distortion issues at high framerates.
  • Fixed panel texture elements not rendering below other elements when window was undocked.
  • Fixed issue with attachments preventing simulation logic from disabling for SimpleSimObjects.
  • SimObjects can now use mobile scenery models by mapping the appropriate visual model GUID.
  • Fixed issue that could cause the Window Definition menu item to be disabled.
  • Fixed issue where VC texture’s alpha was not respected in Scaleform-based VC panels.
  • Prevented redundant control settings saves.
  • Added errors reporting if controls settings fail to load.
  • Fixed sizing issue with instrument panels when loading a scenario with an active view group.
  • Increased max frame rate limit from 60 to 120.
  • Added additional clarification to license activation errors.
  • Added finer resolution to Helicopter autopilot altitude hold.
  • Ambient wind is now factored into hover logic for helicopter AI.
  • Fixed case where extreme collective movement could occur in altitude controller for helicopter autopilot.
  • Changed the default HDR Brightness, Bloom, and Saturation levels back to 1.0.
  • Sim rate overrides can now be configured for AI vehicles.
  • Updated beacon lights to use dynamic lighting and removed cone geometry.
  • Fixed an issue where detached avatar control mappings were not loading correctly when switching between avatar objects.
  • Fixed 3D panel aspect ratio bug that could occur when exiting VR.
  • Increased default camera LateralMoveRate, LongitudinalMoveRate, and VerticalMoveRate which slightly increases cinematographer camera movement.
  • The Panel Manager window is now available on all vehicles.
  • Moved video capture location to the My Videos directory.
  • Fixed issue where Scaleform overlays would not be captured in video recordings.
  • Fixed issues with the piston engine damage timer.
  • Fixed issue that could cause large onscreen text blocks to have missing characters in some cases.
  • Fixed PDK shutdown error when a C-130 variant was the user vehicle.
  • Fixed issue that prevented mouse up events from being properly handled on virtual cockpit elements if the mouse was no longer over the object.
  • Fixed crash in map system that could occur when making changes to the scenery library.
  • Fixed crash that could occur during startup if error conditions were present.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when changing DPI settings without logging off.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when using controllable cameras.
  • Fixed crash that could occur in multiplayer under certain connection conditions.
  • Fixed potential crash with Scaleform Panels in VR.
  • Pausing will now also pause the timer for message windows.
  • RTT views will no longer show in the Manage Cameras user interface (UI) screen.
  • Various improvements to the Manage Cameras screen including closing the window with the escape key and correctly focusing the window when opened.
  • Various improvements to the Add-ons UI screen.
  • Added button to Manage Camera screen to pull in data from the active view’s camera.
  • The Vehicle Preview window now preserves the zoom level when switching vehicles.
  • Adjusted width of the End Scenario screen.
  • Fixed bug with pause state not loading from fxml files correctly when loading from the startup screen.
  • Added map and vehicle preview windows to the multiplayer host and mini-chooser UI screens.
  • Fixed issue with Show On Startup setting not saving correctly for the Scenario Startup screen.
  • Focal points and on-screen text have improved support for multi-line text.
  • Removed the Restore Time On Move checkbox from the startup screen.
  • Updated the Observer Management UI.
  • Updated Time of Day and Weather UI images with higher resolution versions.
  • Moved multiplayer realism and change location settings in multiplayer UI.
  • Updated render mode for UI windows to be hardware accelerated.
  • Added voice controls for VR gaze clicks.
  • Updated soft particles and decals to support single pass VR depth reconstruction.
  • Fixed issue preventing the ATC window from showing up in VR.
  • Fixed issue with Scaleform panel background being black in VR.
  • Added key command for toggling the VR Menu bar and context menu.
  • Windows placed in 3D space now persist their locations when entering and exiting VR.
  • Made minor adjustments to VR window controls.
  • Added more precise VR error reporting when using Oculus headsets.
  • VR cursor is now scaled to remain the same size on screen regardless of where hit was detected.
  • Added max distance configuration for VR mouse picks.
  • Added voice controls to change views and view categories.
  • Added global certainty override to VoiceControl configuration.
  • Updated core compiler.
  • Updated framework to .NET 4.7.2.
  • Reorganized Cinematographer control documentation.
  • Added CIGI link to Network Overview documentation.
  • Update Learning Center table of contents (TOC) titles.
  • Fixed flight planner documentation to correctly refer to the updated flight planner UI layout.
  • Added quick reference guide to default voice control phrases.
  • Added documentation covering AR, portals, and gaze mouse control.
  • Created VR documentation section in the Learning Center.

Fixes and Improvements (Professional Plus Only)

  • Made several CIGI weather control fixes.
  • Fixed CIGI shutdown crash.
  • Post process lists for sensors now supported within CIGI.
  • Fixed CIGI issue that caused polarity effects to remain on screen even after sensor was turned off.
  • Fire control system now sends updates in multiplayer keeping the current target in sync.
  • Added DIS enumeration for Torpedo (Mk 48).
  • Added laser fire and detonation DIS PDUs.
  • Fixed DIS tail number fallback logic.
  • Fixing an oversight in DIS with a dead reckoning value of 0.
  • Added new DIS enumerations to various objects.
  • Added the ability to choose between World or Body space for dead reckoning in the DIS options menu.
  • Prevented invisible objects from broadcasting across DIS when first being created.
  • Weapon cameras will now be the nose view of the weapon by default.
  • DIS UI window is now modeless.
  • Fixed crash that could occur on a CIGI IG when closing a docked view.
  • Fixed cases where HLA entities were not being created.
  • Fixed CIGI issue causing IG Short Art Part packet contents to be overwritten in some cases.

SimDirector Updates

New Features

  • Added white list capability allowing scenario creators to limit the amount of available objects in SimDirector.
  • Added Com1/Com2 frequencies to MultiplayerRole in SimDirector and SimOperator
  • Added CreateCamera option to entities allowing AI objects to automatically create a tracking camera attached to these objects.
  • Added Simulate bool to entity objects allowing objects to stop simulating but still render.
  • Added EntitySimulationAction to change the simulation state of entities dynamically in scenarios.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issues with bounding box placements and sizes on some objects.
  • FailureAction now updated to match failures available with currently referenced vehicle.
  • Virtual and Flight Instructor modes now show all scenario objects.
  • Fixed crash when selecting objects while the Attachments window was open.
  • Fixed several focal point drawing issues.
  • Focal points no longer draw icons in Sim Editor mode.
  • The MDLGuid property now displays the model’s GUID in addition to the model combobox.
  • Fixed minor validation issue with ViewChangeActions.
  • OneShotSoundAction now plays correctly if called after a 0 second timer at the beginning of a scenario.
  • Added SpeedKnots property to ownship entity options.
  • Entities and MobileScenery will now default IsOnGround to true when first placed preventing them from being displayed underground.
  • Added tooltip explaining why sound recording is disabled based on Sound Type for SimDirector sound actions.
  • OneShotSoundActions now save elapsed time and resume properly if scenario is saved during playback.
  • Fixed file read errors when booting directly into SimDirector via command line.
  • PanelWindow object now works with mission and UI panels.
  • Moved the Snap to ground button to the Edit tab.
  • Altitude and PBH changes now remove IsOnGround flag for AI, UserOwnship, and UserAvatar.
  • Fixed issue with AGL not adjusting for ground elevation with vehicles.
  • Moving objects now preserves IsAGL altitude rather than recalculating altitude based on elevation.
  • Gizmo state is preserved when deselecting and reselecting objects.
  • Increased translation gizmo mouse hit area to match rotation and scale gizmos.
  • Fixed issues with audio recording within SimDirector.
  • Center on object now positions camera directly over the object.
  • Mouse icon now changes when hovering over object icons to indicate they can be moved.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when trying to browse for a OneShotSound.
  • ViewChangeActions are now disabled on the main window when in SimOperator.
  • Fixed issue that caused VI sessions to not play back mouse events correctly.
  • Fixed issue with AI recording playback not starting if an ownship recording is playing.
  • OneShotSoundRecordings and FlightInstructor recordings are now moved when saving from the P3D default directory. This will move relative files from %APPLOCAL% to the new scenario location.
  • Fixed issue that could prevent camera views created in SimDirector from playing sound.
  • Added AGL toggle to ownship object.
  • Removed PointOfInterestActivationAction and merged it with ObjectActivationAction.
  • Animal SimObjects can now follow waypoints.
  • MobileSceneryObjectController is now defaulted to a non-zero value.
  • Fixed issue with SimDirector catalog view being cut off at certain resolutions.
  • Fixed case where setting IsGlobal to true would prevent actions from firing in single player scenarios.
  • Fixed stack overflow that could occur in certain scenario configurations.
  • Fixed issue preventing OnCompleteActions from firing on PlayFlightRecordingActions in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where OnCompleteActions would fire when a PlayFlightRecordingActions was executed instead of when playback was finished.
  • Fixed various visual issues seen when opening SimDirector.
  • Fixed collision triggers not firing in Preview Mode.
  • Standardized Focal Points to always be activated when created.
  • Fixed issue where crash detection would be permanently disabled after entering preview mode.
  • Removed new line which caused extra space in property grid description for TargetPlayer objects.
  • Updated SimDirector Course documentation.
  • Updated MenuPromptTrigger documentation.
  • Added additional clarity to MobileSceneryObject behavior in documentation.

Prepar3D Content

New Content

  • AC11 Commander 114 user-selectable vehicle provided by Carenado.
  • Indago UAS is now a user-selectable custom vehicle with auto-land capabilities, tracking camera, and custom UAV control scheme.
  • Several large explosion effects.
  • Generic torpedo weapon.
  • Reintroduction of VEH_air_firetruck that was removed in a previous release.
  • Generic 60ft Pusher Drone AI object with PBR textures.
  • Drone 3 AI object with PBR textures.
  • MHTK Launcher box AI object with PBR textures.
  • S-97 AI object.
  • 81mm mortar weapon and launcher with PBR textures.

Fixes and Improvements

  • F-16 aircraft fully updated to PBR for both the interior and exterior models.
  • Added example targeting pod to F-16 cockpits with controllable camera, IR sensor modes, zoom control, ground and entity targeting, and weapon target syncing.
  • Tail numbers can now be modified on F-16s, C-130s, MH-60s, UH-60s, and CH-53s.
  • Added laser weapons as an example to LCS variants.
  • Added friendly names to F-16 controls.
  • Added dynamic lighting to the F-16 afterburner.
  • Added the new torpedo weapon to the Ohio Class Submarine AI object.
  • Fixed texture errors on C-130 fuel tanks.
  • Fixed flag textures on C-130s.
  • Added RecordAndPlayback.xml file and necessary set/get functions for Driver ISimObjects. Updated/removed unused control mappings.
  • Fixed ghosting tail number for 3 different F-16C variants.
  • Slightly repositioned eyepoint in C-130.
  • Updated MH-60s and UH-60s with animated Turn and Slip ball indicators.
  • Updated the AC-130H gun effect so that it no longer lags behind the aircraft.
  • Updated AC-130H gun effects and moved attach points.
  • Fixed issue preventing Howitzer from firing in the correct direction
  • Corrected several Desert Hawk 3 animations and materials.
  • Additional tuning and stability updates for Desert Hawk 3 including improved waypoint following.
  • Added pilot camera to Desert Hawk 3.
  • Removed ground bump from Orion and SLS.
  • Fixed typo in C-130 payload.
  • Updated S-97 AI object animations and tuned contact points, lights, weapons, and various other properties.
  • Added missing DesignSpecs section to various animals.
  • Fixed crash seen by some users when opening the ACM panel in the P-38.
  • Updated mouse pad textures in control towers.
  • Removed all Beechcraft (Textron) related aircraft and scenarios.

Prepar3D Scenery
Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed trench running through large areas in Iran.
  • Added several representative military jets to AI traffic. These require military cargo/combat parking spaces to appear.
  • Fix for specular value of bare desert that caused background globe to be brighter than generated textures.
  • Golf courses can be layered on top of airport backgrounds.
  • Added several new scenery objects including warehouses, wooden pallets, wooden shipping crates, and military tents.

Prepar3D SDK

New Features

  • Updated modeling tools to support creating Physically Based Rendering (PBR) content.
  • Added material scripting support to PBR materials.
  • Added PBR support to autogen tools utilizing Materials.xml/spb.
  • Engine supports mixed materials enabling content to have PBR and non-PBR materials on the same object.
  • PBR materials can be previewed in real time within 3DS Max.
  • Model version will automatically update if PBR is used to prevent models from loading in previous versions.
  • Added support for multiple autogen description files. Files can now also override subsets of autogen content.
  • Native SimObjects can now register custom properties and events.
  • Added panel.cfg entries for 3D placement of panels in Virtual Reality.
  • Scenario panels can be added to application menu.
  • Updated SDK samples to Visual Studio 2017.
  • Real-time subsystems can now be attached and configured to any SimObject.
  • Added SLI and texture format options to Rendering System in PDK.
  • Update image tool to have RGB per channel viewing.
  • Added IMultichannelService to the PDK.
  • Added custom DIS PDU support to the PDK (Pro Plus only).
  • Add an EVENTTYPE_NOT_MAPPABLE for ISimObject events that should not appear in the Controls Assignment UI.
  • Consolidated all PDK code samples into a single SDK Samples solution.
  • Added accessors and mutators for the world space offset, size, and camera reference in the Window PDK.
  • Exposed Fuelflow -> N1 controller table in .air file allowing more control over the FF-N1 relationship.
  • Added stop sound function to PDK. Can stop one shot and looping sounds.
  • Added PDK call to get tooltip text for windows.
  • Added 2D and 3D text drawing to the PDK.
  • Added send/receive callback functionality through the PDK for intercepting DIS packets.
  • Tail number colors can now be configured.
  • Added ability for add-ons to override native key events.
  • Added eyepoint (lat, lon, and alt) SimVars.
  • Added SimProp and Configuration services to SDK.
  • Added fallback script directories for SimObjects (similar to how texture directories are handled).
  • Added horsepower as an available unit of measure.
  • Added various new SDK samples, including:
  • CIGI Custom Packets
  • Linux Simulation Integration
  • Simulation Rate Modification
  • Supplemental Subsystems (Engine Model)

Fixes and Improvements

  • Material scripts for placed BGL scenery objects now have access to adjacent texture directories when loaded.
  • Corrected several internal QueryInterface and QueryService calls preventing ISimObjects to correctly respond to service requests.
  • Streamlined PDK headers.
  • Fixed issue with model exporter producing invalid values with certain models leading to minor visual artifacts.
  • Fixed issue preventing elements from previewing correctly in the Ace tool.
  • Changed name of external forces to explosion forces for clarity.
  • Fixed externally registered Force/Moment management for SimObjects.
  • Added check to prevent registering duplicate services through the PDK.
  • Titles can now be modified for sim configuration UI windows.
  • Fixed QueryInterface issue with IRenderData in the PDK.
  • Added ISimObject RegisterSimulation overload that takes in a min/max simulation rate parameter.
  • Simulation rate for objects can be modified using the PDK.
  • Updated the SetData SimConnect sample to show how to use structs with different data type members.
  • Fixed Visual FX tool issue where incorrect values would be loaded after reopening a saved effect.
  • Fixed PDK sample art scripts.
  • Fixed incorrect return values with create and remove texture PDK calls.
  • Removed invalid SDK sample code build configurations and standardized output directories.
  • Moved ISimObject samples to PDK ISimObject sample directory.
  • Fixed an issue where PDK mouse rectangle ID’s would not persist between loads.
  • Added non-version specific queries for ISimObjectManager queries for user, avatar, and other IBaseObjects.
  • Fixed SDK Scaleform Autopilot sample to support Units of Measure = Metric. This applies to Altitude Hold and VS Hold.
  • Added Managed Voice Control sample back to SDK Samples.sln.
  • Simplified the Camera PDK sample.
  • Renamed car ISimObject sample to SimpleCar for consistency.
  • Added basic waypoint following to SimpleCar sample.
  • Fixed crash in targeting pod sample if vehicle did not have a FireControlSystem.
  • Refactored HMD sample to use new 3D panel functionality.
  • Converted radar panel callback to use an add-on.xml for installation.
  • Added fix for the Show Location marker not appearing correctly in the FX Tool.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when using SimConnect_AttachExternalSecondarySimToSimObject.
  • Updated InterrogateWorldRay documentation.
  • Clarifying DIS entity priorities documentation.
  • Added TargetFrameRate in camera configuration documentation.
  • Correcting mod operator description in RPN documentation.
  • Added visual model GUID documentation in SimObject configuration.
  • Corrected weapon xml file documentation.
  • Improved documentation for SimConnect_SetDataOnSimObject.
  • Consolidated SimConnect sample overview tables.
  • Fixed table formatting in documentation for special effects.
  • Created PDK sample overview replacing ISimObject sample overview.
  • Updated missing units for feet per second and feet per minute in documentation.
  • Fixed incorrect add-on installation path in documentation.
  • Added parameter to SimConnect_PlaybackRecording to prevent dialog from displaying when playback finishes.
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